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Meet Me at Nine Worlds!

nineworldsgeekfest-630x420I’m going to be in London in a few weeks! \o/

As part of that trip, I’m going to be at London Geekfest, a convention also known as Nine Worlds.

I’ll be doing a talk as well as appearing on a few panels:


On August 4th, Friday, at 5pm, I’ll be doing a talk called: Women Write About War.

I’ll be talking about the mainstream tropes of depicting war in science fiction and fantasy, how they’re being subverted in interesting ways in some books I love, and what that tells us about war as a narrative.

This lecture is especially recommended to fans of Karin Lowachee, Naomi Novik and Kameron Hurley! I’ll be talking about their books more in depth.


On August 5th, Saturday, at 10am I’ll be on a panel called: Non-anglophone fanworks, fans and canon

I’ll be on there with some very interesting people, and we’ll talk about fandoms and fanworks in languages that are not English.


On August 5th, Saturday, at 3:15pm I’ll be on a panel called: Screenwriting & scripting the fantastical

This panel will be about adapting SF/F to the screen, and I’ll be there to talk about things from the perspective of a media critic who’s also a film school graduate. Also participating at this panel: author Mike Carey, who wrote “The Girl With All the Gifts”, among other things. I’m extra excited to meet him, not gonna lie 😀