Below is a list of all my published fiction and non-fiction.


“Life and Death in the Frozen City”, short story in Futuristica, Volume 1. An immigrant on an alien planet does what must be done to survive.

“The Princess and the Demon”, short story in The Running Bunny, Issue #8. A princess stuck in a castle summons a demon and gets more than she bargained for.

Three Keys in the Desert, novella. “On a remote planet, a military boarding school is about to get a new headmistress. Her charges will include Ebie, a girl desperately trying to keep a secret, Kim, a boy desperately trying to keep his friends from dying, and Vrei, a girl who just wants to make it to the end of the day. Will any of them get what they want? With only a week until Transfer Day, the biggest and most important event of the year, the stakes couldn’t be higher.”

Heart Like a Bullet, forthcoming in 2020.


“Survival in Six Easy Steps” at Strange Horizons. There are women living under your bed, on every tree branch on your way to work.

“Only the Trees” at Arsenika. Supernatural beings, grief and polyamory.

“Odessa” at Strange Horizons. Jewish women travel through time.