Monthly Archives: November 2015

Upcoming short story publication

I am so (so!) excited to announce that a short story of mine will be published in the first half of 2016!

The story is called “Life and Death in the Frozen City”, I wrote it many, many years ago, for an anthology on prostitution in science fiction, and only recently decided to try to send out to publishers again.

Happily, it was accepted! It will be published in April, in the anthology FUTURISTICA, VOLUME ONE.

I am pretty much overjoyed by this, as this is both the first short story I wrote as an adult, and the first story I’ve ever managed to sell to a publication.

Watch this space for further details in the coming months!

October linkspam!

Welcome to the inaugural linkspam!

I keep tossing links up on my twitter and then not being able to find them because everything is a jumble, so – it occured to me collecting them in one place might be a good idea. Mostly this is stuff related to writing and reading – cool things to think about, cool places to submit your work.

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